In this section you can find links to some of my various software projects and software projects that I am involved in.

  • TAPAAL - Is an open source tool for modelling, simulation and verification of Timed-Arc Petri nets. Newer version also adds support of untimed Petri Nets.

  • Webmgmt - A web frontend for IT management task used at Aalborg University IT Support.

  • opaal - Is an open source model checker for verification of Uppaal specification Timed Automata. It was develop to enabling rapid prototyping, it should be the first tool used when wanting to try out a model checking concept.

  • pyuppaal - An Python parser for Uppaal XML files. Can be used to manipulate and analyse Uppaal XML files.

  • IMAP Auth for Dokuwiki - An plugin to DokuWiki to enable authentication of users through an IMAP/POP3 server.

  • (Depricated) LottoLib - A framework to automatically download this week’s lottonumbers from Danske Spil and checked for winnings.

You can finde more projects on my Launchpad and Github profile pages.

You can also see a list of projects that I support on Patreon, and project that I backed on Kickstarter.